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Better Community Association



Welcome to the BCA website. My name is Joy and I think that community spirit is important. Our Association has been founded to meet individual and community needs and to improve people’s circumstances in different areas of life. There are a lot of challenges here and everyone has their own reasons for giving. I was brought up by parents who served the local community in a humble and constant way and instilled the concept of service in me. 

Professionally, I have spent many years working as a medical translator, which has placed me alongside strong personalities in the field of health care and it is not unusual for them to offer their services in dangerous places or to those who cannot pay. What we need at BCA is good, reliable partners inside and outside Africa to ensure that we are effective and able to provide sustainable solutions for a long time.



The mission of the association is to promote culture, and participate in all aspects of Nation Development initiative programmes in The Gambia. The Association members are conscious of the need to contribute to the efforts of the government and other societies in nation building. They are ready to contribute individually and collectively to improve the quality of life of the people and the members of the association.


Explanation of the logo:

The friendship circle is a celebration of unity and inseparability. It depicts a group of people who are together forever in peace, friendship, love, gratitude and devotion.



MottoTo help one is to help all. 



Bank details:

Standard Chartered Bank (G) Ltd

8 Ecowas Avenue

P.O. Box 259

Banjul, The Gambia

Tel. +220 4396102 / 4396103

Swiftcode: SCBLGMGM

Acc. No. 0150570555200

Acc. Name: Better Community Association